Myrtle is the mythical figurehead of Myrtle Park's Fishing Club, featuring permanent members Kate Stephenson and John Steel, and various talented guests who dip their toes in the water. 

Many moons ago when Kate was growing up in Bingley, West Yorkshire, she would take herself off to Myrtle Park and sit fishing on the banks of the River Aire that runs through it. In all weathers, time after time she would only catch tiddlers. Occasionally, through the murk a good sized grayling would glide tantalisingly close to her hook only to swim away. Despite this, she never gave up on the possibility of one day landing something special, and kept fishing. 

Perfect preparation for a lifetime in the music business.


The new Myrtle Park's Fishing Club album 'Benches' was recorded throughout 2015 and 2016. Initially at Lil' Hauz studios for all the vocals, programming and some guitars, then at Trinity Heights in Newcastle. Kate co-produced 'Benches' with the utterly brilliant Fred Purser who also engineered and mixed it,  then it was back to that London for mastering at Abbey Road by legend Miles Showell.
Artwork is by the amazing Tiernen Trevallion.

The album evolved from the top down. Instead of starting with the drums as is the convention, Kate played drums to her finished vocal tracks and she and John built up the bass and guitars from there. A very special guest, Raevennan Husbandes contributed acoustic guitar and Dobro to the eighth track 'Mirroring'. 
Diverse in musical style but unified by Myrtle's signature vocal sound, 'Benches' isn't a departure, more an evolution from the first album......

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

The first album 'Nothing To Be Afraid Of' came about when Kate was introduced to Andrew McCrorie-Shand. She was commissioned by him to write an EP for his Which Wolf Wins record label, but over the course of the composition period it became clear that there would be enough material for a whole album. She recorded all the vocals, and some of the instruments at Lil' Hauz studios first, then Andrew put her together with engineer/producer Ian Caple for twelve days at Yellowfish Studios in Lewes. 
John Steel laid down acoustic and electric guitars, and some Hammond organ. Drums and percussion were recorded by Kate. Andrew McCrorie-Shand played Hammond organ on a couple of songs, and two of the best bass players in the business - John Mckenzie and Simon Edwards laid down four tracks each. The album was mastered in Paris at La Source by Jean Pierre Chalbos.