Hello! This is the official website of Myrtle Park's Fishing Club. 
The Club is a recording project by vocalist, musician and songwriter Kate Stephenson and guitarist/songwriter John Steel, as a home for their instantly memorable alt-pop songs with an intimate singing style and lush, complex harmonies.


'Benches' is available here as a download or CD (the CD includes a free download). Pop over to the 'music' department of the website (next to haberdashery) and fill your boots. Click on the image why don't you.
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We're delighted to have been asked by Futureman Records to contribute the track 'My Bird Performs' to their much anticipated and expansive XTC tribute album 'Garden Of Earthly Delights - An XTC Celebration'. Also chuffed to discover that our version of the song has had the thumbs up from its illustrious writer Colin Moulding. Why not pop over to Bandcamp and check it out.


 'Benches' was one of Pure Pop Radio's albums of 2016. Here's what Alan Haber has to say.

Myrtle Park’s Fishing Club | Benches 
A monumentally towering testament to melodic and harmonic excellence, Benches is a delight from start to finish. There is nothing quite like Kate Stephenson’s take on melodic pop music, just as there is nothing like her soaring imagination, and her ability to express all manner of emotion and make the listener feel. Working in concert with musical partner John Steel, Kate delivers wondrous songs (and three-dimensional vocal harmony stacks) like “Somebody Called Me an Onion,” a smile-inducing, upbeat, energetic pop number with faux-reggae shadings about peeling back the layers to reveal the full, human package of emotion; and the a cappella wonder “Silent Letter,” a tune about inner beauty and the sanctity of thought that doesn’t always have to be laid bare. For those of you keeping score, this is the second Myrtle Park’s Fishing Club album to wear our Favorite Records of the Year mantle. As it should be.

 Benches was Universal Soundscape's album of the month in October 2016. You can check out their review here.


Many thanks to Alex Huskisson's Mystery Train Radio Show on Severn FM and Dave Hammond's Smelly Flowerpot on Cambridge 105 for giving tracks from 'Benches' a good airing. If you'd like to catch the programmes you can 'listen on demand' using the links below.